Here you can see the list of smileys and their codes available to use in news, forum and all comments on our website. Hopefully these cool koloboks made by Aiwan will make your day little more smiley. Any additional smileys can be added, if you have any good ideas, please let us know.

Code Smiley Code Smiley
:acute: acute :aggressive: aggressive
:beer: beer :biggrin: biggrin
:blush: blush :bomb: bomb
:bored: bored :bye: bye
:bye2: bye2 :clap: clap
:congrats: congrats :cool: cool
:cry: cry :dance: dance
:dance2: dance2 :diablo: diablo
:dunno: dunno :empathy: empathy
:empathy2: empathy2 :empathy3: empathy3
:fool: fool :fool2: fool2
:fool3: fool3 :giveup: giveup
:good: good :good2: good2
:greeting: greeting :happy: happy
:hello: hello :help: help
:hmm: hmm :lol: lol
:mad: mad :mocking: mocking
:morning: morning :morning2: morning2
:music: music :negative: negative
:nope: nope :okey: okey
:pardon: pardon :playboy: playboy
:pleasantry: pleasantry :praising: praising
:rofl: rofl :rofl2: rofl2
:rolleyes: rolleyes :rolleyes2: rolleyes2
:russian: russian :sad: sad
:scared: scared :scared2: scared2
:scratch: scratch :secret: secret
:secret2: secret2 :shock: shock
:shout: shout :smile: smile
:sorry: sorry :stop: stop
:throwup: throwup :timeout: timeout
:tongue: tongue :tongue2: tongue2
:wink: wink :yahoo: yahoo
:yes: yes :yummy: yummy
:yummy2: yummy2