1. Why was my hub deleted or banned?
Usually you can find ban reason on hub information page along with the ban status, however, here are several reasons why your hub could get deleted or banned:

2.Fake users
3.Fake share
4.Redirect array
5.Private hub
6.Vote cheating
7.Comment cheating
8.Offline long time
9.Low reliability
10.Stolen address
11.Pinger disabled
12.Pinger banned

These are our hublist rules. To unban a hub after fixing all the problems, contact our support team.

2. Is there a registration server?
Our registration server is running with address dchublists.com:2501, but is strictly limited to 3 connections per hour from same IP address.

3. What about plain text user search?
To use this feature you need to send following HTTP GET request to our server:

Found results will be returned in following format, each user on new line without carriage return:

HeXHub and Verlihub + Ledokol already use this feature, and so can you.

4. What is the best way to get help?
Visit our public hub to chat with operators face to face. After you enter the hub, send +enter command in PM to # Hublist and state your issues afterwards. Please remember, operators are not always there, it might take a while before you get answers.

5. How to fix display of cyrillic characters in my hub information?
You need to contact an operator to change the encoding character set to CP1251 for your hub. Hublist pinger uses CP1252 character set by default. Alternative to this method is that your hub sends $HubINFO with 11'th parameter as preferred encoding:

6. Is there support for hub icon and logotype?
Yes, your hub can send $SetIcon and $SetLogo containing full URL to hub icon and logotype, these commands should be sent before $HubINFO:

7. Does pinger support custom login?
Yes, our pinger supports following custom login information:

•Nick | Default: dchublist
•Password | Default: None
•Tag | Default: <++ V:0.867,M:A,H:1/1/2,S:9>
•Share | Default: 135867502249

Please contact us in order to customize pinger for your hub.

8. How often are hubs pinged?
Hublist pinger is scheduled to run at 45 minutes of every hour. Hubs are pinged in descending order by ID, so new hubs are queued first.

9. Why are some hub icons left aligned?
By default all hub icons are right aligned on information, comment and vote pages. If you would like to have the same result, please ask an administrator to change icon alignment configuration for your hub.

10. How to set my hubs website and email address?
Please contact an administrator to set or modify your hubs contact information.

11. What is the meaning of different colors in userlist on my hub page?
Red colored users are operators reported by hub, grey colored users are bots reported by hub, blue colored users are virus spreaders found in AVDB, black colored users are regular users reported by hub.

12. How to change my hub address?
Contact us in order to do so. Pinger doesn't update hub address automatically from $HubINFO because too many hubs send invalid host names.

13. How to change location of my hub?
Contact us in order to change that information. By default pinger uses location of the server.

14. Can you add another country specific client hublist?
Yes ofcourse, we can do that in no time, you only need to contact us and specify which country you would like to be added. For the moment only top 5 countries by amount of hubs are listed.

15. Is it possible to disable reports from pinger about AVDB detected users?
By default our pinger sends +report command with list of users on each hub that were detected as virus spreaders according to AVDB. You can contact us in order to disable pinger reports for your hub.

16. Next question?
New questions will be added here when asked and answered.