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Dc++ GuideWhat is a HUB ? A hub is a kind of router who allows dc++ clients to interconnect themselves. It's not called a server because it doesn't host any files, it just makes the necessary connections ( such as chatting, search request and search results ) . All file transfers are made between clients not within the hub.Where do get a DC++ Client?SkylinkDC++FlylinkDC++Forum DC++How do I install a DC++ Client? After downloading the software you will have to double click the .exe icon in order to install the client. Setting a nickname: This setting is made at : File -> Settings -> General . On most of the hubs it is required a nickname by the form "[Country][City][Isp]nickname" Connection type setting This setting is made at : File -> Settings -> Connection Settings : Active or Pasive The connections between users work this way : ACTIV<--->ACTIV = OK ACTIV<--->PASIV = OK PASIV<--->ACTIV = OK PASIV<--->PASIV = ERROR It is recommended that you use ACTIVE for the connections Download Folder: This setting is made at : File -> Settings -> Downloads: Default download directory( use "Browse" ) Temporary download folder (used for temporary files) This setting is made at: File -> Settings -> Downloads -> Unfinished downloads directory ( use "Browse") Setting share size: This setting is made at : File -> Settings -> Sharing -> Add folder . Each hub has a specific share size. Assure that you have the requested share size otherwise you will not have acces on that HUB.How do I insert a DC hublist ? dchublist.biz provides a DC++ Hublist for NMDC and ADC clients. Click here for an ilustrated howto.What is an Operator? An operator is a person that takes care of the chat decency and shared files.Operatos can eliminate temporarily or permanent any user at their free choice.you can recognize an operator by the key from the users list icon.What is a BOT ? A BOT is a program that automatically watches the traffic on a hub and scans it to detect the abusive conduct of the users such as spam, forbidden files and fake share. Usually does what an operator can do but with the restrictions of an automatic program.How can y configure my own hub ? If the active mode on DC++ doesn't work you shouldn't even try. If it works download a hub soft, install it and then run it . Set the program and try to connect to your recent created HUB .If it doesn't work try the firewall settings. Then your hub should be in the hubs list for you to have users.Client Dc++ : SkylinkDC++ (Platform Independent) [Protocol: ADC NMDC ] FlylinkDC++ (Windows OS) [Protocol: NMDC & ADC ] Additional hublists2019 Hublist DC++ (Windows OS) [Protocol: NMDC ]My search has no results. Why ?The reason is usually NAT (Network Address Translation -- used for sharing an internet connection to a group of computers) or the firewall . The easiest way to fix this problem is to change on the passive mode but in this situation you will not be able to connect to other users who are also passive . If you want to fix the active mode then see the section "Active or passive" of this guide.What is my IP ? The IP is a succession of 4 ciphers contained between 0 and 255 separed by dots . The IP directs all the traffic towards the respective destination in the TCP/IP networks . you can see the IP double clicking on the network icon on the taskbar.Another option is to type IPCONFIG or WINIPCFG on a DOS window. If your ip is internal ( - - - - -, try the following addresses to find your external IP : If you use a proxy or cache for your browser the IP is not correct. Try to deactivate these services and retry the addresses above. Also if your IP is dynamic ( changes every time you connect to the internet ) you will have to insert the IP in the IP box in DC++ .A hub requires a password . Why ? Some hubs offer privileges to users or maybe the nickname you use is registered to another user that already has that name.What is fake share ? Using an application separate or a modified client the share is risen falsely . This is a forbidden method and will be punished by the hub operators.https://dchublists.com/?do=hublist&page=1&language=en
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