Announcement & News - Rules regarding your membership on Dchublist

Rules regarding your membership on Dchublist
Rules regarding your membership on Dchublist 1. Every user can register one hubs 2. You are not allowed to add duplicate hubs. 3. The hub can be only added by its owner. 4. In order to register your hub on the site it has to be public and don't contain fordidden words(as porn, etc.) in its name or description, it has to be secure ( hubs affected by CTM exploit will be disabled ) 5. Public avatar can't be copyright or disrespectful image. 6. Show respect for other members and admins when you post comments. 7. The site reserves the right to choose the members at sole discretion, and to add further rules or change the above with no notice. Any violation of this rules will bring hub suspension, deletion or account banning depending on the situation. Also you are advised to check periodically this page because it can be changed without informing you. This site represents a public list of hubs . The administrators of the website located at & can not be held responsable for the way you use this site or public hub list nor for the way you use the information provided here or the hubs you are submitting to us. Specifically sharring illegal / pirated files is prohibited. By using this site / public hub list you admit that you have read this and you will not violate any local or EU law in force. This site is not encouraging pirated/illegal file distribution. Thank you.
Posted by root on 2023-08-22 06:13:31


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