Status Banned: Hubs Offline | ID: 1019
Address ADC | adcs://
ASN Not available
Failover Not available
Name Luadch
Topic Not available
Description Not available
Category Not available
Software LuaDCH 2.23
Owner Self
Location PT Portugal
Users 0 | 0
Clones 0
Share 0 B | 0 B
User limit 0
Share limit 0 B
Slot limit 0
Hub limit 0
Reliability 64.44%
Checked 2023-08-20 06:50:41 | 2022-07-02
Votes +1 | -2 | -1
Website Not available
Email Not available

Online users

Requested hub is not online.


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Thanks for your nice comment poker-cheater.
But we are a private hub.
We see no poker-cheater on the hub because it's private and he has no access and yes we have encryption an also dns-encryption and that is more than most private hubs have.
Posted by Boca on 2023-04-12 15:29:00 | #138
owner thinks this is private, doesn't understand difference between public hub and encrypted protocol
Posted by poker-cheater on 2022-10-21 12:36:01 | #130