Epsilon Station

Client https://dchublists.com/client/FlylinkDC_x64.exe
Status Banned: Offline long time | ID: 561
URL https://dchublists.com/scifigalaxy
Address NMDC | dchub://scifigalaxy.ignorelist.com
Failover Not available
Name Epsilon Station
Topic Where rpg-zombies idles..
Description Scifi, Soundtracks, RPG and Comics
Category Not available
Software PtokaX
Owner Self
Location FI Finland
Users 0 | 83
Clones 0
Share 0 B | 512.39 TB
User limit 250
Share limit 5 GB
Slot limit 1
Hub limit 20
Reliability 94.67%
Checked 2024-06-25 06:10:09 | 2017-11-15
Votes +0 | -0 | 0
Website Not available
Email Not available

Online users

Requested hub is not online.


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Is it down? was the address change?

Posted by MLGore on 2023-01-18 17:33:34 | #134
Hello, it seems i was banned from the server due to being offline too long, this happened due to a personal loss in my life, is there any way i can come back?
Best regards, thanks.
Posted by Facsantos on 2021-10-13 16:02:02 | #75